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Day 9: STAY HOME, STAY SAFE. S t a y, H o m e. #StayHomeStaySafe #stayhome #staysafe #stayhomestaysafe

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Works created during Quarantine Artist Residency Project (QARP)
Medium: Watercolor on paper

Quarantine Artist Residency Project (QARP): an initiative conceived when the world was shutting down due to Covid-19. It became a way to maintain a visual diary for reflecting, creating, and sharing strategies to support a growing network of non-EU artists struggling without much government support. 

Through writing and visual experiments, I am seeking ways to articulate concerns around adaptation and identity of an immigrant artist living in Finland. Self isolation in a foreign land with unsettling mental and financial pressures only adds to the existing challenges of moving to a new place. I am reflecting upon these beginnings and archiving these experiments online, and will encourage others in the network to contribute their own reflections in this on-going project.

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